About This Page

This page uses a locator from a MySLP account we’ve setup to showcase ice cream places in South Carolina.   To create this page we didn’t have to install ANY locator software on our WordPress site.   We edit the page in text mode and paste the code from MySLP’s Generate Embed link.   We paste that JavaScript code into the text edit mode of this page in WordPress.

We could put the same exact map on every web property we own including our demo Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace sites.  A bootstrap site.  A foundation site.   A simple HTML page.    No software to update and manage.  It’s pretty sweet.

We are using the Brewery Style Gallery (Advanced Options > Settings > View > Appearance click on the Activate next to Brewery.

Since we are not using this with the Brewery WordPress theme we disabled the link underlines in our results with Custom CSS (Advanced Options > Settings > View > Appearance > Custom CSS) with this setting:

@media all {
    .hentry .entry-content .store_locator_plus a:not(.primary-button) {
        border: none;