How to build a store locator site using tags

How to build a store locator site using tags


I used Store Locator Plus with the Power add on to build the Charleston outdoor dining site.  I wanted to show local restaurants with outdoor seating options but i also want to know what type of food they offer. I created the first location and under the tags field added some tags  for  restaurants in the area. The tags I added are separated by  a comma since I want the site visitor to be able to type in and search by tag.  To do this, I  set the tag field to auto submit.To set the  map marker you can choose from  the basic Store Locator Plus marker icons, or add your own to the WordPress media library and use that url instead.

The theme was a free theme from Word press named “Kale” .  To  set my center map I added the words  Charleston, SC and Google added the latitude and longitude, voila!  If you do not add the center map location, the default fallback is where Google thinks the center of the United States is (somewhere in Kansas).  I now have a basic Search and a page that fits my site appearance.   I noted the map shows a Starbucks location with a Google auto added icon. I did not add that location to my site yet it appears anyway.

Google sells marketing, ads and more to feature those companies who pay for site presence through ads or premium plans.  If I do not want these peripheral markers to appear,  use the Store locator Plus Premier settings to turn off the clickable Google – centric icons and choose a plug-in style to match.

Side Note: When you add a location and have Google geolocate ,  (add latitude and longitude) the exact location on your map may be slightly off by a few feet or meters from the actual location shown in the Google Maps App.  Zooming in on the Google Map site will reflect  changes to the lat/long slightly. You can go back under the the Locations tab and edit if you need to fine tune

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