Demo Site Updated

Demo Site Updated

The demo site is built on top of the now-defunct Ninja Forms app called “Ninja Demo”.    Hopefully the site is working today, but it has been a 50/50 proposition.    When it works, people like it.  They can see all the features we have to offer in Store Locator Plus.     However it does make us look bad when it is offline.

If you are trying to use the demo and it is offline, drop us a note.     If we can fix it quickly we will but sometimes it means editing Ninja Demo code which we are far from familiar with.

Current Status

The demo site has our latest simplified Store Locator Plus theme we are using on our main site and docs site.   It still has some rough spots but is a good simple theme for testing basic map styling.  You can activate this on your demo site.

The current plugin versions as of late May 2017 include:

SLP 4.7.9
Experience 4.7.9
Premier 4.7.9
Power 4.7.10

This is the full suite of base plugins published by Store Locator Plus.

Is this for MySLP as well?

Yes and no.   It is a typical WordPress plugin installation.   However 90% of the features-and-functions you see here are available for the MySLP service.   The difference in deployment on your production site is that you embed a JavaScript snippet on a page instead of the slplus shortcode.

We want to setup a native MySLP demo service but are busy coding service updates for the next few months.    When we get the service to a point we are happy with it (does that ever happen?) we may code our own demo system.    Maybe we’ll even provide it as a product for others want to build demo sites built on WordPress or a SaaS.

Demo Site Rebuild

Please continue to be patient as we work with the new server and the folks at WP Ninjas to get our live demo site back online.

If you’ve come to our Store Locator Plus demo site any time in the past month you know we’ve been having some issues keeping it running.   The demo site stopped  creating “try it out in real time” demo sites back in early August 2016.   We filed a support ticket with our demo software provider, WP Ninjas, later that week.    After a few emails back-and-forth they logged into our site and saw “nothing wrong”.   A patch was released.   That didn’t help.    We moved the demo site to a new server.  No help.

Fast forward to the last week of September, 2016.    We decided to “wipe the slate clean”.   Today we are rebuilding a brand new site with a clean database on our new PHP7 + nginx server.  It should be faster, cleaner, and up-to-date with the latest version of WordPress, Store Locator Plus, and Ninja Demo.

Once we get it booted, get the dials all turned the right way, and run it through a couple of tests we’ll turn it back on.   Should be in a few days.     We’ll likely even have a few code updates to share with the WP Ninja folks before we’re done.

In the meantime you can check out our YouTube Channel, our Documentation site, and our SLP Store.