SLP Demo

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Welcome to our demo site for Store Locator Plus. This is where you can play with the Store Locator Plus plugin in our sandbox without having to download, install, and configure the plugin on your site. Go ahead and give it a go. Add stuff, remove stuff, and generally wreak havoc. When you’re done we’ll clean up the mess.

If you like what you see, go on over to the Store Locator Plus website and consider supporting this endeavor with an add-on pack purchase.

If you have a question please contact us or “purchase” the free Forum Registration to get an account and post in our public forums.

Thank you for your interest in Store Locator Plus!

Take A Look…

Check out the Locations page to see our sample location finder. We’ve setup some basic locations and have started with the default Store Locator Plus configuration to keep things simple. See how you can customize the product, add locations, and tailor this to your needs by trying your own demo below.